Echange de jeunes: #GOOD4YOUth

Durée de la mission:
1 semaine (21-28 octobre 2019)
Organisation d’accueil:
Lieu de la mission:
Camini, Calabria, Italia
Description détaillée du projet: 

During the Youth Exchange the participants will be
involved in full-time activities regarding lifestyle
determinants such as: food and nutritional education
with daily culinary practice; ethnic food exchange;
daily physical group activity; mindfulness and
meditation sessions; roleplay and laboratory against
addictions; sports and outdoor non-formal education
activities; sexual education and prevention of
early pregnancy and STDs (Sexually Transmitted
Diseases) sessions.Non-formal methodologies
will be applied to address and analyse weightrelated
stereotyping, social exclusion and other
discriminatory behaviours, especially those targeting
obese youth who are victims of weight-related
teasing or bullying. The exchange will be based
on innovative and creative non–formal educational
methods with a special focus on communication
and social skills, mindfulness, intercultural learning
and team working. Experienced facilitators from
different European countries will facilitate the
learning process of participants using key lifelong
learning theories, updated reference materials
and comparative statistics on youth well-being,
TED-style talks highlighting best practice, and
peer-learning findings on overall youth wellbeing
and healthy eating in teenage years, as well as on
learning outcomes for youth participation, self-care,
disease prevention, personal empowerment, and
lifelong resilience.
We will organise a number of activities for the free
time, including intercultural dinners in the evening,
when representatives of participating countries will
have the opportunity to cook traditional meals, then
all dine together. There will also be a presentation
of traditional dances from different countries - and
a half-day excursion to some of the most important
historic and cultural sites in the surrounding area.
During their stay, all participants will be actively
involved in Camini’s social life and will have
many opportunities to interact with the migrant
communities that live there.
During the training course, all the participants will be
involved in a truly participative and learner-centred
approach, closely linked to youth workers’ needs,
aspirations and interests. The applicant organisation
and its partners strive to maintain the highest
standards of education, especially as regards the
non-formal and informal learning dimension. They
will make use of the best tools available so as to
consistently provide a relevant training experience
to the participants, who will be ideally equipped to:

- Understand and improve their communication
and social skills as youth workers, so as to better
reach young people with fewer opportunities,
especially focusing on health-related behaviours
and conditions;
- Learn how to stimulate the participation of
the younger generations and motivate their
engagement in planning practical activities to realise
their potential for change, while simultaneously
challenging themselves with improved self-care
- Better provide young people with ongoing support
with the ultimate aim of empowering their wellbeing
and that of the communities they live in;
- Share tools and good practices in tailoring new
working methods and strategies for engaging young
people with fewer opportunities and at-risk youth,
especially those bullied because of being overweight
or facing other weight-related stereotypes;
- Improve their social competences as youth workers,
as well as team working, intercultural learning and
transnational cooperation as a whole;
- Learn how to be more proactive in supporting
young people (especially teenagers) in themselves
generating ideas aimed at initiating local and
international youth projects;
- Learn more about youth work approaches relating
to the health and wellbeing of young people as
tested in different countries and contexts;
- Learn more about the “Erasmus+ 2014 - 2020”
and “European Solidarity Corps” programmes as
well as the “EU Commission’s strategy on nutrition,
overweight and obesity-related health issues” and
the “EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027”, especially as
regards “Mental Health & Wellbeing”, “Inclusive
Societies”, and “Space and Participation for All”.

Conditions particulières de la mission: 

Echange de jeunes

Profil du volontaire: 

jeunes âgés entre 18 et 20 ans

Tâches du volontaire: 

cf. description détaillée

Personne de contact: 

Antennes ALJ: 

Elena Koroglanoglou

Georges Zeimet