Serviço Jesuíta aos Refugiados - Associação Humanitária (JRS - Jesuit Refugee Service)

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Serviço Jesuíta aos Refugiados - Associação Humanitária (JRS - Jesuit Refugee Service)
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Rua Rogério de Moura, Lote 59 - 1750-342 Lisboa
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The organziation Serviço Jesuíta aos Refugiados - Associação Humanitária (JRS - Jesuit Refugee Service) is an international organization of the Catholic Church, founded in 1980, under the responsibility of Jesus' Company's.

JRS's has as mission "monitor, serve and defend" the refugees, forcibly displaced people and all migrants in situations of particular vulnerability.

In Portugal, JRS was created in 1992, and until the late 90s worked essentially as a knowledge platform and information on matters related to the laws on asylum and immigration. Since 1998, JRS Portugal took a more direct involvement with the migrant population and has since been developing activities and projects in the following areas:

* Social support, including through intervention with migrants in large socially vulnerable

* Psychological support and counseling

* Legal support

* Support for social integration (CLAII)

* Professional insertion of immigrants

* Support to qualified Immigrants

* Accommodation of homeless migrants in a situation of particular social vulnerability (Pedro Arrupe Center)

* Medical support

* Portuguese language courses for immigrants

* Training courses in the areas of promotion of human rights, promotion of intercultural and inter-religious and education for development

Psychosocial support to migrants in detention

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Volunteers will support activities in different areas like:

* Accompaniment of clients to medical services and official services, always with a technician of JRS Portugal;

* Accompaniment of users in cultural activities and knowledge of the country / region (eg. visits to museums, participation in cultural events, etc.);

* Development of entertainment and leisure time actions (theater, sports, sociocultural animation);

* Logistical and administrative support;

* Analysis and studies in the field of migration;

* Support in food bank;

* Participation in communitarian events.

* Participation in the "Communitarian Pray" - as dealing with people from different countries and religions, JRS organizes every week a pray with the refugees and migrants from different religions.

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